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Private Events

Looking for a different way to celebrate your birthday this year? Or perhaps you just want to get creative with your friends and family? At Art Play we offer a number of our creative workshops on a private basis, suitable for any special occasion!

Why choose Art Play for your special occasion?

We have a whole range of creative activities and classes available for your special event.  Our workshops are a great way to try something new whilst exploring your creativity with your nearest and dearest. We provide all the equipment and materials you'll need so all you need to do is turn up and have fun!

What type of special occasion can I book a private event for?

We offer our private workshops for a whole host of special occasions! Our most popular bookings are for:

  • Birthday parties 

  • Hen dos

  • Baby showers

  • Team building events 

  • Christmas parties

We are not limited to any of these events, or even any special occasion at all. Even if you are just planning a get together with your close ones and want to try something new, we would love to have you! Feel free to contact us with any enquiries!

Which workshops are available for private bookings?

The workshops we have on offer for private bookings include:

  • Hand Built Pottery - from fun boob pots to tea light houses - this pottery making workshop is a brilliant chance to transform clay into whatever you like!

  • Silver Ring Making - learn how to make jewellery from sterling silver at this relaxing craft workshop!

  • Sip and Paint - our resident artist will guide you step by step through a painting whilst you enjoy a drink with your loved ones!

  • Make a Terrarium Garden - starting with a glass vessel, you'll combine live plants with various natural elements such as soil, stones, sand and moss to create a beautiful biome.

  • Candle Making - learn how to melt, mix and pour wax to create DIY candles from scratch and decorate beautiful glass jars to put them in

How many people can I make a private booking for?

 Our private classes can be booked for groups of 8 people minimum and up to 50 people maximum. 

Can we bring our own food and drink?

No - we ask that you do not bring outside food/drink as we have a full bar and menu available for preorder!

Do we need to bring anything else?

All the equipment and materials you will need will be provided by us. If you wish to bring any decorations for the room please feel free to do so!

How do I book a private event?

You can request a private class with us directly through our booking platform, ClassBento. Please use the link below to browse our

event listings, and use the 'Request a Private Class' button to enquire.

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